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Serious athletes know that the path to excellence can be grueling. High protein diets, creatine intake, and intense exercise can all take a toll on the joints, liver, and kidneys. Our premium IK JLK formula contains potent, multi-action ingredients that work together to support these critical systems. IK JLK is for those who Train with the Heart of a Lion in pursuit of athletic excellence, and are looking to enhance performance and optimize recovery.

    Curcumin works synergistically with other JLK ingredients to reduce joint inflammation and pain, enhancing mobility and comfort for athletes who place high demands on their bodies.
    Our Premium formula helps support an athlete's liver by helping to protect it from damage, support its detoxification processes, and promote the regeneration of liver cells.
    IK JK promotes healthy kidney function by enhancing waste management in the kidneys and supporting fluid balance to help maintain ideal hydration.
    Promotes overall health through anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, contributing to systemic wellness even under heavy exercise.
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Curcumin is a component of the Ayurvedic root, turmeric, that has anti-inflammatory functions and provides systemic support against joint inflammation, pain, and various liver ailments. Curcumin assists in suppressing inflammatory signalling and oxidative degradation of lipids while providing overall well-being for the body. 


Long used in traditional Chinese medicine, Cordyceps is a potent fungus, renowned for its adaptogenic properties. Known for its ability to mitigate fibrogenesis in the liver while simultaneously treating the lungs and kidneys. Cordyceps is also recognized for its capacity to target waste products, which are typically managed by the kidneys.


Boswellia is an ancient Indian Ayurvedic herb that has been used for centuries and contains various bioactive compounds that provide potent anti-inflammatory properties, reduce pain, and support joint health. It is also known for its ability to alleviate symptoms of arthritis.


Choline is a vital nutrient that plays a critical role in the formation of cell membranes throughout the human body. The liver relies on it for facilitating the secretion and export of fats from the organ. Additionally, it oxidizes within the body to form betaine, a significant osmolyte essential for supporting kidney function, particularly in the reabsorption of water.

Milk Thistle

Throughout history, Milk Thistle has been used as an herbal remedy that is rich in potent compounds, such as silymarin and silybins, which have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory attributes to improve liver markers and safeguard overall liver function. 

Take 2 capsules orally with 250mL (8.4 fl. oz.) of water, 2 times per day. Take with morning & evening meals. For optimal results, take IRON KINGDOM JLK on a daily basis.

Why IRON KINGDOM JLK (Joint, Liver, Kidneys)?

In an athlete's quest for performance and excellence, there's three major systems which need tremendous support. The joints - to keep you mobile and agile, the liver - to support detoxification, maintain metabolism and support protein synthesis, and the kidneys - to support hydration, electrolyte balance and waste removal. Through vigorous daily training, these systems experience tremendous stress, and IRON KINGDOM’s JLK is designed to be a daily support to optimize your health for prolonged excellence.

How does IRON KINGDOM JLK (Joint, Liver, Kidneys) work?

JLK brings together several key ingredients with core functionalities which can support the liver, joints, and kidneys through multiple ways. The foundational benefits are: anti-inflammation, pain relief, and anti-oxidation. The ingredients in JLK have been indicated in research to provide multi-system support. In the modern advanced medical world, the prevalent use of antibiotics, NSAIDs, and various drugs can cause significant stress on the liver and kidneys, both vital organs for maintaining metabolism and waste removal. To support continued liver and kidney health to ensure optimal metabolic functions and continuing protein synthesis, JLK brings together potent natural flavonoids, polyphenols, antioxidant compounds, and enzymes to support these systems. For a more in-depth look into each of our ingredients and how they work, please see the product profile above.

Who should take IRON KINGDOM JLK (Joint, Liver, Kidneys)?

Athletes looking to prolong their athletic career, and those of us who are starting to feel some strain and wear in their athletic journey can all benefit from JLK. JLK's formulation is centred around prevention and support of your body's natural functionality.

Is IRON KINGDOM JLK Vegan Friendly?

IRON KINGDOM JLK is vegan friendly.

Is IRON KINGDOM JLK free of any banned substances?

Yes, IRON KINGDOM JLK does not contain any banned substances.

How long will it take to see results?

Based on the available literature, the ingredients in JLK have various duration of use recommendations. JLK was designed to be taken daily, where preliminary effects should be experienced after 2-4 weeks of consistent use, and long-term benefits and significant results to be had with further continued use.

How does this support liver health, and can I take it for NAFLD (Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease)?

JLK contains milk thistle and choline, along with other natural anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory compounds which can alleviate chronic inflammation and build-up of ROS (reactive oxygen radicals) in the liver. If you have pre-existing conditions, always talk to your doctor or a healthcare practitioner to ensure you receive sound medical advice and the most appropriate course of treatment.

Does this help with arthritis?

While JLK is not a cure for arthritis, JLK contains curcuminoids and bromelain, both compounds which have proven effects on reducing pain associated with osteoarthritis.

Can I take this supplement if I'm pregnant or breastfeeding?

If you're pregnant or breastfeeding, always consult a doctor or healthcare practitioner prior to use, as anything you take during this time should ideally be under the guidance of a healthcare provider. JLK contains natural compounds which may have limited studies relating to pregnancy and/or breastfeeding, so it's best to speak with your doctor if you're considering using JLK.

Can I take this supplement with other medications?

If you're taking anticoagulants, anti-inflammatory agents, antibiotics, or about to have gastrointestinal surgery, please consult a doctor or healthcare practitioner prior to use, as there may be some interactions. For a more complete list of cautions and contraindications, please review the product information on the JLK box and/or label.

Are there any side effects?

For a complete list of cautions and warnings and potential known adverse effects, please refer to the information on the JLK box and/or label. If you experience any side effects, please report to a doctor or healthcare practitioner to ensure you receive appropriate medical care and treatment.

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